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Principal Mayumi


本年度4月にLittle Birds' Preschoolの園長に任命されました細田まゆみでございます。どうぞ、よろしくご指導ご鞭撻をお願い致します。

本スクールは、一歳児(Little Kids)から年少児(Kinder1)、年中児(Kinder2)、年長児(Kinder3)の乳幼児英語教育を進めております。 外国人教員と日本人保育士のティーム・ティーチングによるAll Englishでのインターナショナルスクールです。

Little Birds' Preschoolでは、「自立心・好奇心・尊敬心」の三本柱を教育理念としています。


Hello, everyone. This April, I became the new principal at Little Birds' Preschool. My name is Mayumi Hosoda.
In the rapidly changing 21st century, the world is becoming more and more of a multicultural society. With the spread of AI technology and the rise of globalization, we must now work together to solve problems on a global scale.
Through early childhood education, we must give our children a strong foundation upon which to build the future. In our globalizing society, English education must also start from early childhood.
At our school, we provide English early childhood education from Little Kids class through Kinder 1, 2, and 3. Foreign teachers and Japanese nursery teachers work together to provide an all-English international school environment. Through immersion, children are able to independently develop strong English communication skills.

The educational philosophy of Little Birds' Preschool is built on the three pillars of Independence, Curiosity, and Respect.
Independence: The ability to express one's own intentions in one's own words, and the strength to walk their own path.
Curiosity: Children are naturally curious in all things: whether it be play, learning, or simply in daily life. By encouraging this curiosity, we can foster children's investigative and problem-solving skills.
Respect: Respect is the ability to listen to others and arrive at an understanding, and to accept differing viewpoints. In order to do this, children must be able to identify the differences they have with others and aim to engage in interactive communication and cooperative problem-solving.

As we follow these three pillars, our school's greatest strength is small class sizes. Teachers are able to provide individualized instruction in order to foster the development of each child. Through education, children experience enormous growth every day. As their English communication skills increase, we see their confidence in their smiles.
From next spring, our school will move to a new location, where we will be able to provide an even better experience for our students.