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2017年度 クラス

infant.jpg toddler.jpg advanced.jpg preschool.jpg※Toddler とAdvanced Toddlerは現在満席となっております。
※Kinder 2(年中)クラスは2018年度開講予定です。



リトル・キッズ クラス【生後12か月〜】

Little Kids class time schedule and routine teaches children how to use verbal English communication to interact and cooperate with others.
Also, their practical skills and knowledge will be improved gradually through active learning, which is including Music and Gym lessons, games to build up vocabulary, Craft and weekly excursions to the park.
On top of the activities, children are taught how to grow more independent in daily tasks such as eating, dressing or toilet training.

SY2017 Little Kids Schedule.jpg



In Toddler class, students focus on building their communication and social skills as they study.
Toddler timetable and routine encourages children to communicate using short English sentences. Their gross motor skills are being strengthened when going to the Gym and to the Park, while their creativity and self expression is developed through Craft and Music lessons.
Also, they keep on working on their eating, dressing and diaper change as a daily routine.

SY2017 Toddlers Schedule.jpg



Advanced Toddler class is well balanced between academic, social and physical activities. Children learn how to have some simple, short conversations in English.
They also start practicing writing, and alphabet and phonics are taught daily.
In addition, Math, Music and Sciences are being introduced through fun yet challenging lessons. Children’s creativity is fostered through various activities based on self expression and exploration.
Also, our weekly Motricity program offers special activities aiming at developing gross and fine motor skills. As a consequence, both body and mind are put together into reaching a goal.

SY2017 Advanced Toddlers Schedule.jpg



Our Kinder 1 timetable offers a global learning experience. Academics (e.g. phonics, grammar, reading) are taught daily through our original Learning Set and fun activities. Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies are also key subjects that will be developed during special lessons and events. On a weekly basis, discovery and exploration are being fostered through Park, Gym, Music, Japanese lessons, and Craft. Also, building up grammatically correct, natural, and longer sentences is a main objective for this age group. 

SY2017 K1  Schedule.jpg



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2017年度 イベントスケジュール